Wind Spinners and Hot Air Balloons!


Wind Spinners filled with flowers: 

The following spinners have flowers.  These are made from 2-liter coke bottles. These are pretty for under an overhang or indoors by a window.  We leave ours outside under our patio all year round.  


Order: "filled spinner" for $15.00 each plus shipping charges. Tell me the two colors you want. You can pick the colors shown or pick your own.


green/yellow                            blue/white                               green/purple



pink/white                        red/white                                green/white/red


Wind Spinners without flowers; Birds, and Plastic Spins:

These are made from 2-liter coke bottles.  Hang them in trees, patio overhangs, in windows - wherever the breeze will hit them.  They sparkle like glass. 

Order: "flag" or "two color" (don't forget to tell me which two colors you want) for $10.00 each plus shipping.   Order "red bird" or "blue bird" for $7.00 each plus shipping.  The "plastic spinners" made of plastic canvas are no longer available. 


Wind Mini: 

The following are also out of 2 liter bottles only reduced in size to  about 6" in height and width.  We put them in our trees for Easter and Spring. You can put them anywhere, any time. 

Order: "Empty Wind Mini" for $5.00 each plus shipping. Tell me color: purple, pink, yellow, lt. blue, or red. Order: "Wind Mini with flowers" for $7.00 each. 




Hot Air Balloons:

These balloons are made of plastic canvas.  Hang them in trees and watch the wind spin them.  They can also go in a child's room.  The passengers are little bears riding in the basket. Price is $10.00 each plus shipping. Choose your two favorite colors.  Just email me if you have any questions. Click on the envelope below.



I don't ship outside of the U.S.A. Shipping charges are too prohibitive.

Please email me at: ****sandy-furby***@******

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Make your own Hot Air Balloon!



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