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Faith In A Flower

Sometimes when faith is running low

And I cannot fathom why things are so

I walk alone among the flowers I grow

And learn the answers to all I would know

For among my flowers I have come to see

life's miracle, its mystery

And standing in silence and revere

My faith comes flooding back to me.

by Helen Steiner Rice


This is our middle garden about seven years ago. We have since had the evergreens cut down along the fence and that exposed the house behind us way too much. The lantern lights at night with a solar powered light.

This is the same garden  with the phlox in bloom in the spring. They cover the ground almost completely all the way around the garden.  The empty patches you see are just waiting for  wax begonias I plant along the edge every May. We turn the horse carriage around each year to keep it straight because of the wind pushing on it.  The stick looking things on each side are actually weigelia bushes. They flower mid-summer through fall and are the same color as the phlox. Too bad they don't bloom at the same time.


Below  is the view from the backyard and looking toward our patio. You can almost make out the privacy redwood fences we have spaced along the patio.  The two tall green spikes are Pampass grass which my cat loves to play with.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any Pampass grass for the past few years  and there isn't any room in this garden for them any more. Kind of sad cause I love the "waterfall" effect they gave. Pampass grass does not "winter" in Michigan very well.  I  added solar lights that stick in the ground so they light at night too right along with the lantern.


Below is my lighthouse which is in the front yard.  This is a view of it from our house.  The sign is a picture of a cat holding a sign that says "gone fishin".  The flowers are pansies. The bear? Well, he has a fishing pole with a fish on the end of it.  I also have a silly frog that is also fishing that I just added last year.  I am planning on widening the border to add more flowers this year. 


Well now, who could this be?  Yup! Dusty. I had just watered the little begonia  plant and he is watching the water bubbles.  The stone cat on the right has been repainted black and white since this picture was taken. 

Besides  growing double Impatients, New Guinea Impatients and Begonias everywhere in our back yard, I've found a new favorite - the Hybiscus. This plant attracts humming birds and it blooms all summer long. Such a beautiful and exotic plant and very easy to care for. It just needs to be fertilized once a week and it's happy.


Here is one of the baby hummingbirds that frequent our backyard in the summer. This is the best photo I could get with my camera. Do you see him sitting at the feeder?


Below, the baby is sitting on the fence. That's his Mommy (in the upper right hand corner) checking up on him. She had sat down beside him but took off again before I could snap her picture. She was fending off another hummer  intruding on her territory.



The  picture below shows you about a third of my side garden. I just wanted to show you my silver gazing globe and statue of a girl with a basket of kittens. I know it's a bit blurred but hopefully, you can get an idea of what it looks like? 


Another gazing globe along the edge of the patio with a hummingbird stepping stone and moss roses  growing in the planters. 


And, yet another gazing globe near the patio. In front of the elf are double impatients.  I have a gazing globe in the other garden where the horse and buggy are this year but I just haven't scanned the picture yet.  I also have a veggie garden.  Busy hands are happy hands!


And, the pic below is our patio in the winter time. We had just gotten about an inch of snow. First snow of the season.



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