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Prayer For The Wild Things

Oh, Great Spirit, we come to you with love and gratitude for all living things.
We now pray especially for our relatives of the wilderness-the four-legged, the winged, those that live in the waters, and those that crawl upon the land.
Bless them, that they might continue to live in freedom and enjoy their right to be wild.
Fill our hearts with tolerance, appreciation, and respect for all living things so that we all might live together in harmony and in peace.

By Marcellus Bear Heart Williams 










If you get a chance, visit Lady In Black's site. Learn what each animal's spirit means and get your own Guardian Totems.

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The Humane Society of the United States

The HSUS Vision Statement: 

The Humane Society of the United States envisions a world in which people meet the physical and emotional needs of domestic animals; protect wild animals and their environment; and change their interaction with other animals and their environments, evolving from exploitation and harm to Respect and Compassion.

The HSUS Mission Statement:

The mission of The Humane Society of the United States as an animal protection organization is to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals, including people. Through education, advocacy, and empowerment, we seek to forge a lasting and comprehensive change in human consciousness and behavior; to relieve animal suffering; to prevent animal cruelty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation; and to protect wild animals and their environments. The HSUS will strive for integrity, fairness, and professionalism in pursuit of its mission.

The above two statements were taken from the HSUS Annual Report for 1999 titled "Promoting the protection of all animals".  2000 

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The World Wildlife Fund

1250 Twenty-Fourth Street, N.W., P.O. Box 97180, Washington, DC 20090-7180

The WWF urges you to take the Living Planet Pledge. Time is running out to leave our children a living planet. Each of us can make a real difference and help save life on Earth. By taking the Living Planet Pledge, I will: 

LEARN MORE. I will educate myself and others about the many connections between human life and the environment.

SPEAK UP. I will speak out about the threats facing our wildlife, our wildlands, and our planet.

TAKE ACTION. I will consider how my everyday actions affect life on Earth, and make planet-healthy choices. I will get involved in efforts to conserve nature where I live.

Working together, we can protect the web of life and leave our children a living planet.  

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This picture above is cute but it has a very strong message I hope you will all think about and help to fight this terrible abuse. I am sick of seeing fur being sold in department stores. I am sick of the attitudes of people who think it is okay to kill an animal just so they can wear their fur.  I've seen expensive and cheap figurines with bits of animal fur or covered in animal fur for sale.  I've heard some people say it's okay, because it is "recycled" fur.  I'm sorry but that doesn't cut it with me. Recycled or not, an animal had to die for that fur to be available. Some people think they are killed humanely. This just simply is not true.  Stop and read fur labels sometime and you will see some weird descriptions on what kind of animal was used or that it is fox, rabbit, or "wild dog" in the making of fur coats and accessories. The sad truth is that many of these labels are outright lies. It is also strange that the figurines for sale usually don't carry a label. These animals are usually dogs and cats, puppies and kittens that were stolen from a loving family and sold on the black market. When labeled, another term is used for the "type" of fur because the manufacturers know that people wouldn't buy them if they knew they were made from cats and dogs.   No matter what kind of animal is being used for its fur, it is wrong.  I don't want to wear rabbit or fox or any animal fur. There is nothing wrong with "faux" fur if it is in fact "faux" fur. I hope you will click on the picture above and visit the website that tells some very sad tales.  Be forewarned that these stories are not pretty. Then I hope you will also take one of the graphics available and put it on your website.  I hope you will take the initiative to be "verbal" whenever you encounter a store selling such items or a person wearing them or displaying them in their homes.  I hope you care as much as I do to try to stop this abuse. It seems to be coming back in popularity and it is just so wrong.  In this day and age with so many manmade fabrics available, there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever that an animal's fur is needed for anything but what God intended in the first place - to keep the animal warm that was born with that beautiful fur.   

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I found the following note in one of the recent LOTH (Ladies of The Heart) Newsletters and I thought you might like to read it also. This is a very real threat to our pets.

Name or nickname: Phyllis
email address:

Subject: A Warning About Cats.....
Below is a real story I came across so be warned please read
it....thanks and Huge Hugs Phyllis
"People in France are kidnapping cats and selling them to companies that are making the skins into baby shoes. According to a recent wire service, "20,000 cats a year are stolen in France and many of them killed and turned into baby or luxury house slippers." The report states, "French animal lovers believe that the cat rustling is the work of professionally organized gangs, who work in almost complete impunity. Police say they have little time to devote to such a low profile crime." "Authorities raided a tannery in Western France and found 1500 cat skins being used to make baby shoes. Of course, the shoes are not marketed as being made that way.
The feline footwear is passed off as shoes made from other kinds of dead animals, like cows or iguana."
THIS IS TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS IN MY BOOK!!!! I am a cat lover and animal pro-activist and absolutely hate this. I am asking all of you sweet ladies out there to please watch what you are buying from this country, in the way of luxury slippers or baby shoes.
They mislabel them to get you to buy it and so they save money by not having to "buy" the right kind of leather
these shoes.
I wish those policemen over there didn't have their hands full so they could go get
these low life so-called people running this industry. I say "so called" because I don't believe anyone that can harm a domestic animal for it's skin or fur is human....please forgive me for my rant but I truly and deeply dislike this type of human being."

The above news story is about France, but rest assured it is not limited to France. It is happening everywhere. The Humane Society conducted a Fur-Free 2000 campaign leading national and international efforts to promoting anti-fur sentiment and encouraging compassion toward fur-bearing animals. In 1999 they created anti-fur billboards featuring a fox, a cat, or a dog, with the message, "I'm not a coat," which were displayed in major cities across the United States.  The HSUS is promoting high-quality alternatives to genuine fur garments and they teamed with Monterey Fashions, the leading manufacturer of faux fur.  You can find tags on garments of faux fur that are approved by the HSUS. Be sure to read tags of any garment that appears to be fur and be sure you are NOT buying the REAL thing. Save our fur-bearing animals. 

The HSUS has an offer for you if you would like to show your support for Compassion in Fashion. By wearing this pin on faux fur, you are proclaiming that no animals were harmed to make your garment, that animal suffering has no place in fashion, and that animals deserve respect. Wear it anytime you want to express your belief in Compassion for Fashion. To order a pin, send a check for $3.00 (payable to the HSUS) to The HSUS, 2100 L. Street, N.W., Washington, DC  20037. Please specify order number PM2269.  This is what the pin looks like:

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