Tutorial: Ice Cream 


Tutorial: Background Name


Tutorial: Bubble


The second tile was made the same as the first one but I added Eye Candy "fur" filter.


This burlap tutorial also came from Cathy's Corner.

Tutorial: Butterfly






Tutorial: Blur


Same blur tag idea but saved as a .gif to get rid of the background. Not right, but it is interesting so I decided to keep it. hee hee!


Tutorial: Strawberry Pixel


The strawberries/flowers are pixel painting. My first attempt. I don't know how those other gals do it. This took me all evening to complete.



These cute lil critters also came from Carla's site. You make the bunny first and then change the ears and tails to make the kitty. You can also make a bear. Thank goodness she included the "face" (eyes and nose). I tried to do them myself and the heart nose wasn't too bad but I just could not get the eyes right. Thanks Carla for providing them. They are really cute.


Tutorial: Dissolving Text




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