The Crazy Ladies Society


This group was just what it says....CrAzY! We had a lot of fun and I have made some very nice friends in this group. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Unfortunately, after 8 wonderful years, this group is now closed. All good things must eventually come to an end.  These pages were my dedication to CLS and I keep them here as a fond remembrance of one of the best groups on the internet.


A special Crazy Lady nicknamed Moon wrote the following poem which pretty much explains us pretty well:

Crazy Ladies Society
Where all girls wanna be
We laugh and joke.... an act real funny

Some ladies are so prim and proper
They gits the vapors when someone slobbers
Being crazy makes them
Crazy Ladies Society for ain't

We Crazy Ladies loves choklit
Always gotta have it
We hide it and eat it
But most of alls we mos always share it

We makes us friendships
cuz all us are crazies
prolly always will be
That's why we is the
Crazy Ladies Society 

The gals made gifts for all members and here are some of them.  







Susan,  better known as Cracker Lady, made each of us a mug of our own. Isn't mine cute? That's Dusty when he was a baby. Please do not take this mug.  It was made especially for me.



Guess I have to admit to bein crazy now huh!!!



It's so nice to know I'm appreciated by somebody even if dey is crazy ladies! tee hee!

During Cwazy Wabbit week, I was a secret bunny and I called myself, Fuzzy Ears. I spoiled Joy, aka  Mom of 8 Paws. Click my logo here to see the pages I made for her.  

Also, during the same time, Sweetie Wabbit (Beckie, aka Straw)  was spoiling me. Click the bunny below to see the pages she made for me.


Click here  Christmas pages I made for Lady Mouse with a lot of help and gifts from a lot of other Crazy Ladies.

We had a nice two days sending stuff to each other to make each other smile. Here are a few gifts I received to remember the occasion. 




Guess I did a purty good job on pesterin Secretoochary. We were told to and I always does as I'm told. Boy, did I bug her. LOL See how frazzled I look? Ya outa see how frazzled she looked. hee hee!

And, just in case we Crazies ain't quite crazy enough, Ms. Charlotte came up with these potions to help us out if we happen to start getting sane. They really work too. 





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