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Here are gifts you can give to family and friends all year round....

Give the gift of listening!
Give this to someone who has something to say, and you must really listen. No interrupting, no daydreaming, no planning your responses. Just listen.

Give the gift of cheerfulness!
Try to be cheerful around those you love, and always have a smile and a kind word.

Give the gift of a favor!
Help with the dishes, run an errand, do a little something to make someone's day easier, and do it willingly.

Give the gift of a compliment!
A simple "You look great today!" or "The dinner was delicious!" can be of great value to those who may feel they are being taken for granted

Give the gift of laughter!
Tell a funny joke, cut out a cartoon, save a clever article to make someone smile. Your gift will say, "I love to laugh with you."

Give the gift of a note!
It can be as simple as "I Love You" scribbled on a note pad, or as
creative as a sonnet on fancy stationery, or as quick as a thought sent through email. Surprise your loved one with a little note where they will find it, or a smile in their mailbox!

Give the gift of solitude!
There are times in everyone's day when they want nothing better than to be left alone. Be sensitive to those times and give solitude and quiet.


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